Espresso Macchiato Vs Latte Macchiato

Thank you Starbucks for confusing specialty coffee drinkers.


We serve traditional espresso macchiatos in our cafe. The beverage Starbucks has made popular is a large drink loaded with sweetness of vanilla and caramel sauce on top is  Starbuck’s version, technically called  a LATTE macchiato.

Don’t get  the two confused. An espresso macchiato is barely a 2 to 4 oz drink, depending of if you want a single or double espresso shot. We CAN make the Starbucks kind if that’s what you want. To get the Starbucks version in our cafe you need to order a large vanilla latte with caramel on top – otherwise you may be disappointed in the size but we guarantee you the espresso macchiato is a beautiful drink. It’s my personal choice when having a milk based espresso because it packs the power of a double espresso without a huge volume of milk, and I can opt of a little extra luxury by using full fat milk or even 10% cream instead of regular milk.( My tummy doesn’t seem to mind very small quantities of dairy and besides it’s sweet and creamy without adding sugar.)

So what are the differences?

The term macchiato is an Italian word meaning stain or mark. In other words the espresso is ‘marked’ with milk to make a drink that is only 2-4 oz.

At Starbucks its still a macchiato only the MILK (and lots of milk) heavily foamed and is “stained”  with the espresso to make a 16-20 oz drink with added vanilla syrup and drizzled with caramel sauce on top (Remeber – sugar is the enemy.)